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    Sensational finishing for your digital product or service whatever form it takes. Whether its an app, a chat bot, a web site, a skill or something new, our digital business success service is your companion to success.


  • - ABOUT YOU -

    Are you in need of Digital Business Success Consulting?

    New Product

    You've identified a new addressable market and are designing and developing a product to meet the need.

    New Market

    You've got a solid product but are seeking for product-market fit and a sustainable marketing channel to reach it?


    Your product is in the market and going ok but growth has plateaued out, the challenge now is to grow your market?

    Scaling fast

    Sales are coming in but your team isn't set up for scale - you need processes, tools and the right staff to serve the growing demand?

  • - ABOUT US -

    20 years Digital Product Experience

    Heaps of experience designing and delivering digital solutions for individuals, agencies, corporations and brands. B2B, B2C.

    Focused on a small number of deep relationships

    Great digital businesses and products take time to be successful. A long term relationship with the Bot Kiln ensures you have the expertise you need as your business scales.

    Proven methodology

    We use battle hardened business methodologies combined with tool


    Strategy Coaching

    Thinking strategically about you, your product, market potential and the resources you need. Your journey plan helps you realise your vision.

    Product Review

    Our review service will look at your product and identify strengths and weaknesses and suggest areas for improvement.

    Sales & Marketing

    Our sales & marketing support helps you educate your market, deliver marketing resources and sales materials as required.

    Tool & Process Rollout

    New processes often need new tools. We work on tool selection and training your team so your new process purrs and scales.


    Our successful digital business customers


    Software as a Service

    Magic Freebies

    Digital Publisher

    Running World Cup

    Digital Sports Event

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    Bot Kiln is also an independent publisher.

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